Monday, July 26, 2010

way too long

i have tried my hand using the blog feature via apple. and for some reason we are no longer on line. it turns my noggin to knots trying to fix it so we will be back here for a bit!

sorry we've been away but new fun things to come.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

our next adventure.

what a tough decision that we've made.  we are leaving our home of five years to head west.  sometime soon (so many things up in the air) we will be moving to durango, colorado. 

dave has accepted a great job as an hospitialist in farmington, new mexico (about 45 minutes south of durango).   our good friends the ziercher's live in durango and brett is an er doc at the same hospital.  after years of discussion we have been successfully lured.  

our house when on the market today, and with any luck it will sell soon.  i think it looks great.  so great it makes me really sad to leave it.  sniff.  if you know anyone that is interested send them our way.

more updates soon. 
much love, 

Friday, August 28, 2009


we have ventured into the world of solids.  although the food doesn't look very solid.  here is a peak at dante's first experience with food. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


recently we made the decision to baptize dante.  for most that know us, especially me, this is probably viewed as odd.  oh, and we baptized him catholic.  which makes things increasingly strange.  so a few sundays ago dante was dunked into water and was blessed by a small gathering of family and friends.  

the transfor
mation that he has caused in our life, is amazing.  i've always known that there is something else out there other than just us here on earth but when you have a baby it becomes abundantly clear.  i'm still not sure what that 'something else' is however the closest i've come to understand (recently) is father gary at the CSC.  he is an extremely passionate, liberal, intelligent human that happens to be a priest.  in a time when the american catholic system is rightfully under scrutiny it feels odd to find solace there.  yet when you go to the csc, it's different.  the community is such that it is truly a diverse group in mind, race, heritage, sexual orientation and partnership.  everyone believes in something bigger than themselves and living kindly.  when we go on sundays (not every week but better than never) father gary brings such awareness and candor to very difficult questions and situations by referencing Obama, the NYT, the bible, life experience, college students; and helps me to make sense of what is happening in the world and in our own little house.  for someone that has never been married, or had kids he is keenly aware and in-touch with the hurdles that we are at times gracefully (other times not), jumping (or limping) over. 

we are so happy to have a community that will help us raise dante to be a positive, guilt-free, intellectual, worldly, moral, interesting human. 


ps. thanks to auntie laura for capturing such amazing shots of the weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

take baby to work day OR chunkalicious goes to work

yesterday we went to visit Papa at work.  most of his office refers to themselves as Dante's Auntie or Uncle... so it was about time.  

seeing dave at work is an inspiration.  he works in a pretty beat-up place but the people their are wonderful and they LOVE Dr. D.  all of his aunties' were swarming around him and he loved every moment.  winking, giggling.  when we arrived dave was with a patient but as soon as he saw him he scooped him out of my hands and proudly took him on a tour.  it was very touching to see dave so proud and happy.  

one of the security officers stopped me to tell me that Dr. D was her father's doctor and that he was amazing with him.  with a tear in her eye she told me what a great doctor dave is and the first doctor that her father has ever listened to.  based on her age, i think her dad would be in his 60s-70s so to listen to some young doc is pretty good.  i am so very proud of my husband.

another bonus of the clinic is we were able to weigh and measure dante.  thankfully we had the help of about six nurses and two docs.  as you see from the photos he is about 15.5 ounces in the photo with clothes/diaper, so we think he is probably 15 pounds.  we now refer to him as chunk-a-licious.  

dante's favorite by far was mrs. robinson, dave's nurse.  she is a really tough woman but melted with dante.  she holds a special place in my heart.  she keeps dave in line and when he doesn't do what she says, she has been known to give him a little slap on the head.  

much love. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

my cheeks are so heavy

... they almost don't fit in my hat.